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It shocked us to see all the wardrobes and clothes rails that were destroyed and trashed in Europe, because of their poor design and cheap manufacture. In 2013 we decided to start a business that would challenge this buy-throw away consumption of furniture. We have developed our designs to be sturdy, functional and aesthetic. We believe that the longevity of design is the most sustainable way of designing today. 

We talk with our customers every day and love finding the best solutions. Our customers satisfaction is key for the way we manage our company. Check our trustpilot and google reviews for our private customers

B2B - shops
We have made stores all over Europe and are proud to work with some of the biggest brands in the industry. We enjoy fitting new stores and follow their growth. We are excited to be part of these new beginnings and enjoy when we can share our knowledge and international network. See some of our shop fitting projects here.

Trade shows
Our clothes racks are known for their strength and  are popular for trade shows. We already work with a wide range of trade shows. We are the single provider for Jacket Required in London since 2016 and work with CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) since 2017 and many more. For any enquiries contact:

Daniel Oxholm Sørensen: or call +44 1617100847

We wish to run our business to make our kids proud, so we continuously try to optimise our products and production in an environmentally responsible direction. Our products are made in practical and strong materials that ensure a long life. In this way, we want to take a step away from the buy-throw-away culture, and give our customers a product that can be used for many years into the future. We recommend our clients and customers to return all materials, because we have made a production where everything can be recycled. Furthermore our designs are easy to repair and we are happy to do any reparation in our workshop.

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