Welcome to the Ziito family. 

We are on a mission to create a furniture brand, which creates designs with sustainable creativity and aware minds. We want to make it easy to live sustainable. We work together with a whole lot of people to make this happen. We work with a danish timber company, which get the nordic pine from Denmark or Sweden and a danish linseed oil enthusiast (linolie.dk), who makes his colours as non-toxic as possible. All our materials are send to our workshop where the magic happens. We cut and assemble the elements, stain the wood with the pigment and carefully pack the packages before they sent off. 



Shops and trade shows

We value our relations to our customers highly and aim to work closely with anybody who enter our store.  We have worked together with a lot of clothing stores all over Europe, who are all surprised by the sturdiness of our designs. We are proud to be the clothes rail provider for Jacket required, which is the most important men's wear trade show in the UK. We yearly rent out around a 1000 clothes rails and shelves for this event. We have great experience with private interiors, shop interiors and trade shows and love to get more members to the Ziito community.

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