What to consider before buying furniture for storage.

There are 3 points that you should consider when purchasing a wardrobe, clothes rack or shelf system,  these are durability, function and aesthetics.


Make sure that the clothes rail or shelf system is heavy duty, so that it can carry the weight of your wardrobe. Many clothes racks are made for exhibition purposes and are therefore not heavy duty. These are often made from aluminium, brass or copper and will break if you hang your large wardrobe onto them. The shelf units need to be made from solid wood, so that the fibres does not bend when you put clothes or shoes on them.


You should consider what you need to store on your clothes rail or shelf system, so you find a design with the right features. If you only have clothes that need to be stored, then a plain clothes rail without shelves should be fine. Do you need to store bags, shoes and hats as well, then you should consider a shelf or two on your clothes rail. You should also consider whether your clothes rail need to be mobile or not.

Aesthetics matter.

The style of your clothes rail or shelf system is important. You should consider where you want the design to be in your home, so that you can match the right colour and material combinations. The dimensions are crucial when you buy furniture. Make sure that it will not only fit into the space, but also that it will not look too bulky. Feel free to contact us, we can guide you in terms of colours and dimensions if you have any questions.


Welcome to Ziito.co.uk

We were shocked about all the wardrobes and clothes rails that was destroyed and trashed in Europe, because they where poorly designed or cheaply manufactured. In 2013 we decided to start a business that would challenge this buy-throw away consumption of furnituere. Over the past five years, we have developed our designs to become more sturdy, functional and aesthetic. We think that focussing on the longevity of design is the most sustainable way of designing today. We have since then broadened our philosophy to look at the origin of materials as well and are currently developing a new sustainable material in an EU-funded project.

The durability of our designs

We design clothes racks and shelf systems made of galvanized steel
and black steel, both of which are incredibly strong materials.
Galvanised steel is a very durable material, which is often used in street designs, such as lamp posts and street benches. 

The functionality of our designs

Our early designs were made from threaded pipes, but we switched to kee klamp pipes last year. The reason for this change was that these fittings are more robust and aesthetic over time, because of their build up and minimal design. This solution makes it easy to assemble our clothes racks and to exchange elements of designs. It also makes all our clothes rails easy collapsible af usage. We recommend that you are aware of the difference between threaded and kee klamp when you compare your clothes rails before purchasing.

The aesthetics of our designs

Our composition of materials are industrial and minimal in their appearance. The designs come in different sizes, which make them fit into most spaces and give the space the feel of being customised. Most of our customers combine our designs to give their space a specific style and we help them find the specific solutions they search.

We are specialists in what we do, so if you have any questions about clothes racks or shop fittings please contact us, we are ready to answer your questions.

Business relations

We weigh our relationships high and will always go far
for our customers. We work within three categories - private, shops
and trade shows. We believe that close relationships provide the best
cooperation, so we make every effort to ensure that our contacts are
satisfied whether they are customers, suppliers or collaborators. This means
that we fight dissatisfaction and bad relationships and that we
will go far to find the best solution for our clients.

We talk with our customers every day and love finding the best solutions. Our customers satisfaction is key for the way we manage our company. We have a knowledgeable team to guide and advise our clients. We have clothes racks in several stores in Europe (both from our retailers and at the shops that we have  fitted with Ziito clothes racks), which we often refer our clients to visit.

We have made stores all over Europe and are proud to work with some of the biggest brands in the industry. Take a look at some of the cases we have done. We enjoy fitting new small stores and follow their growth. We are excited to be part of these new beginnings and enjoy when we can share our knowledge and international network.

Trade shows
Our clothes racks are known for their robustness and therefore they are popular for use in trade shows. We already have extensive experience with the design of  trade shows. We have provided clothes racks to London's largest men's fashion show, Jacket Required since 2015. Every year we provide more than 2000 clothes racks for this event.  Furthermore we have just begun a partnership with CIFF (the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) who has 2000 brands exhibiting every season. We got the team and the knowledge to provide trade shows in any scale. For any enquiries contact Daniel Oxholm Sørensen: ds@ziito.uk or call 0045 42494749 

 We wish to run our business to make our kids proud, so we continuously try to optimise our products and production in an environmentally responsible direction. Our products are made in practical and strong materials that ensure a long life. In this way, we want to take a step away from the buy-throw-away culture, and give our customers a product that can be used for many years into the future. We recommend our clients and customers to return all materials, because we have setup a production where everything can be recycled. Furthermore our designs are easy to repair and we are happy to do any reparation in our workshop.

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