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August 30, 2018


In order to offer our customers a greater choice, we decided at Ziito to make the Aska and Tre rack series, inspired by the black ash and the bright pine tree. To produce these colors in our Nordic pine, we had to hunt for professionals who could help us.

We found what we were looking for in a small Søderjysk village, Øsby. Here in an old dairy dairy, Thor lives, with his company Linolie & Pigment. In the cool surroundings, they create an amazing product, according to ancient recipes - and on old original machines. No haste, just good solid craftsmanship. Linseed oil is a natural plant oil that you get by grinding the oilseed flaxseeds. Thor is a real firefighter and he shares our vision of sustainability. He uses and teaches the techniques he uses to extract linolien. He uses big old machines that are built to hold and not replaced all the time. The big effort is fruitful as the finished linseed oil is free of unnecessary chemicals. It is good for our environment and good for your clothes rack.

We therefore chose to collaborate with Thor and linolie.dk. We wanted to create a colored linseed oil for our Aksa series. A series that combines our black tubes with beautifully dark Nordic pine trees. Here it was important that we found the right color. Now we had to control our sustainable and clean linseed oil, now it should only be stained. Thor created a black colored linseed oil for us and dubbed the Ziito-black. The distinctive black color from the Aska series was born.

For example, you can find the Aska color on our floor racks and wall-hung clothes racks.

For our clothes racks with shelves we have chosen to use pine, from the Nordic forests. Our wood supplier buys FSC certified quality wood from forests in northern Sweden and Finland, where pines have the best growth conditions. The cold climate means that the pines grow slowly and thus become of a better quality as the structure becomes more robust. The choice of pine was very important to us, as we could minimize transport distance and thereby minimize CO2 emissions. Therefore, we have also chosen a wood supplier that is just 1 hour drive from our main warehouse in Fredericia. Our wood supplier has worked for pine for nearly 30 years and therefore has a thorough knowledge of the craft.

Plates for older clothes racks: These plates have a burnt brown look, which is subsequently treated with natural linseed oil - an oil made of linseed, which is completely without any unnecessary chemicals.

Plates for Ash: The plates for our dark rack series are treated with a black color pigment, which is blended with linseed oil. It gives a dark surface, where the structure of the tree is still visible.

The plates of our Wood Series: Unlike Aska, a treatment with a bright color pigment, blends with our linseed oil. In this way, the pine retains its bright appearance, but is also protected by the beneficial effect of the linoli.