Douglas wood shelves

March 26, 2015

Douglas wood shelves
We have been working hard to make the perfect design solution for our shelves, since we first saw our Douglas wood together with the galvanized steel. We are therefore proud to introduce you to the two new shelves in our Wood by Ziito series:
Wood Shelf
Wood Shelf Hang 
The wood has been harvested close to Billund, Denmark. Hereafter, it has been treated in our local sawmill in Middelfart before arriving at our workshop in Fredericia. Each shelf has been individually crafted, giving each and every one of them a different feel, look and size. This gives the shelves their unique design.  
We are currently finishing a series of new products for our Wood by Ziito series, which will be introduced shortly. We are looking forward to show you the redesign of our Ziito Wood Bench!