Ebba Zingmark's room tour

March 09, 2016

Ebba Zingmark's room tour

Ebba Zingmark Room Tour Ziito Dress Clothes Rail and Ziito Shoe Bench

Ziito Dress clothes rail and Shoe Bench

In front of mirror and Ziito Shoe Bench


The swedish blogger Ebba Zingmark posted a series of amazing pictures of her new flat in Berlin. Ebba has made her space simple and stylish. The space feels both Berlinian and Scandinavian at the same time.

She has decided for a Dress clothes rail to hang her dresses and shirts. On the side of the clothes rail she has her bags hanging.

She has placed a Ziito Shoe Bench next to that clothes rail. This makes a comfy seat for relaxing and reading and at the same time gives space to store sneakers. 

Read more about Ebba's space on her blog. Follow link.

Are you interested in similar solutions for your wardrobe and shoes?

Find the Dress clothes rail right here.

And the Shoe Bench right here.


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