Are you opening a Boutique?

June 19, 2017

Are you opening a Boutique?

... Ziito can certainly help you. We have extensive experience in delivering solutions for store interiors, especially clothing stores. We provided equipment for new and refurbishing advice to existing big and small clothing stores and will certainly help you with your next venture.

When opening a clothing store, you would need two types of racks, the wall-mounted racks, and the freestanding clothes rails, which offer a more flexible solution.

Here you can see our wall mounted clothes rack. The rack comes in two types, one with shelves and one without them. They can be conveniently combined enabling you to hang some of the garments and display others along with the accessories.

You can learn further about the individual racks by clicking on them.

For a more flexible solution we can offer clothing rails with and without wheels. Our two best-selling racks for clothing stores are Wood Double and Shoe Roll.

… there, you are all ready to set up your clothes store, so give us a shout!