The 25 most important clothes racks for the entrance and bedroom

The 25 most important clothes racks for the entrance and bedroom

Here are 25 suggestions for clothes racks for your entrance or your bedroom.

I check out clothes rails every day to get inspiration for our designs.

I want to share the most relevant clothes racks in 2019.

Clothes racks have become a must have in the modern home. They either supplement the wardrobe or become the open wardrobe in some homes.

There are a number of different clothes racks in all shapes and colors. In recent years most designers come with their version of a clothes rail. Therefore the clothes rails also come with many different features.

So this guide has required me to sort through a lot of clothes rail options to find the most important clothes rails for 2019.

I have divided these chosen clothes racks into two categories, which are wall hanging and clothes racks on the floor.


Let's get started!


Wall mounted clothes rails

Wall racks come in many shapes.

I will show you some fantastic wall mounted clothes rails (and ceiling mounted) which I think is relevant to check out in 2018.

I have been looking for a good diversity in the racks to give you an insight into all of the variations that exist.






The clothes rack from Andersen Furniture stands simply and elegantly against the wall. The stand is made of solid wood, which beautifully and minimally gives warmth to the modern home.

Clothes or coats can be hung with hooks, which means that it will be used more often in an entrance than in a bedroom, as it is best suited for coats, bags and hats.

However, the stand can also be used as a stand-alone clothes rail if you purchase two identical racks and mount the brackets into the bedroom.






© woud



This clothes rack is made entirely of wood and therefore has no glue, which means that there is also no formaldehyde. All the parts are in tension.

The stand is leaned up elegantly against the wall and the precise dimensions make it stable.

The clothes rack is perfect for both the entrance and the bedroom, as it allows both clothes on the clothes rail and the shelf to be stored.



Anna Leena


Annaleena has designed different clothes hanging bars in steel. The designs come in different shapes, but this one is the most sculptural and interesting of her designs.

The design allows for displaying unique pieces of clothing, so either the finest dress, coat or suit can be displayed on this hanger.

The circle hangs from the hooks in the attic.






Cascando has designed this simple clothes rack, which with simple design allows for hanging clothes.

The clothes rack is best suited to the bedroom as it mainly allows for hanging clothes.



Wall 2


If you want your entire wardrobe to hang on your clothes rack, this is your solution.


This rack gives you two shelves, space on the floor and three bars for clothes hangers. The stand is available up to 2m width, so there should be room for the entire wardrobe.

You can hang long pieces of clothes, such as dresses and coats at the back of the rail.

You can create your own walk-in closet by purchasing two or more of these designs. There is 39 variations of this design, which gives you the possibility for the perfect match.



© Tongtong



It is popular to have a sculptural element in each room. TongTong has created this unique clothes rack, which, with its geometric lines, plays with the dimensions of the room.

At the same time, the wall mount is designed to create extra space on the floor for shoes or bags.





© Tongtong


Here's another example of TongTong's designs. This clothes rail also uses geometry to create a sculptural look.




Nichba Design


Nichba Design has tried to reconsider the classic clothes rack by using magnetic hangers that can be placed on the shelf rack bars. This allows you to elegantly hang coats and coats.

In addition, there is a shelf where you can put your bags, hats and scarves. There has been made a space in the shelf, where you can easily store your wallet, keys or mobile phone, so they are ready to grab, when you leave the house.




Kristina Dam


The clothes rack is created around a cubic form, with the focus on creating storage in a simple and minimalistic way.

The clothes rack can be used both in the entrance and the bedroom, as it offers many options for storing both shoes, clothes, coats and bags.

The raw design fits into different modern homes. It contrast soft tree structures and parallels more industrially designed homes.



Ziito Double Shelf


The round steel bars and geometry of the shelf create the perfect frame for storing clothes and shoes.

The clothes rack creates a lot of space for storage without taking up much space in the home. The two shelves provide amazing storage space for sneakers, hats and bags. In addition, it comes in lengths up to 1.5m, which allows for storage of large wardrobes.

The clothes rack has be designed focussing on optimisation of storage and minimalism.




Matthieu Girel


This wardrobe allows you to hang coats. At the same time there are two shelves where you can display your bags and shoes. The design comes in a series, where it is possible to combine design units.

The round lines on the shelves and the clothes bars give the clothes rack a strong expression.




Aytm Angui


This design is ideal for the entrance hall, where it looks beautiful and elegant. The round pipes and the shelf of the stand give great space for storage. There is space for coats, bags and keys on this elegant clothes rack.

The sculptural lines are visible in the entire series from AYTM, where there is also a mirror that fits the clothes rack.



Ramei Keum


The South Korean designer Ramei Keum has designed a clothes rack, where the two ends are designed as clothes hangers.

This concept has created an elegant wardrobe stand, where there is room for hanging clothes and shoes. The stand is designed in beautiful stainless steel tubes.




Meike Langer


The German designer Meike Langer has created the clothes rack as an alternative to traditional clothes racks.

The wooden frame that is attached to the rack makes the rack balance, which gives it it’s unique expression. Langer has created an elegant design in which both materials and shape are thought through.

The design is suitable for spacious bedrooms.







Nordal has created a stylish clothes rack that is suitable for modern environments with its shoe rack and hooks.

The slim design of the clothes rack makes it fit into most homes. It will be beautiful and sculptural in a spacious entrance and will also elegantly fit into a smaller entrance.

 The clothes rack has a shelf that holds boxes, shoes or bags. The clothes rail provide plenty of space for hanging jackets and coats.




Mathilde Bretillot


Bretillot has designed this series of legendary clothes racks, which sends thoughts to sports gear.

The clothes racks can be combined to create unique color combinations in the home. This allows them to create sculptural spaces in the modern decor.

The design is capable of creating a new expression, but at the same time preserves its functionality. 



Ziito Swing Double


This open wardrobe uses the height of the room optimally with its long hanging space (1.7m), which provides space for long pieces of clothes, dresses, scarves and coats.

The shelves provide space for all accessories, such as bags, jewelry, scarves and shoes.

All in all, a solid, durable design for you that loves the Nordic style.




Friends and Founders


Do you love art deco? Do you love Nordic minimalism? Do you love sculptural decor?

Is the answer yes yes yes! the Friends and Founders clothes rack is something for you and certainly your perfectly designed home. Design has come close to art for the last many years, which is a good example of its geometrical shapes and studies of gravity and scales.





Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho


Shape and materials have been the central part of Erik Olovsson's and Kyuhyung Co's cooperation, Sine Collection. The thin and light metal frames are anchored with marble bases, which can be color-coded to create variable expression and contrast in the design. Yes, that's the design we're talking about and not a sculpture.

The clothes racks are designed to store clothes, belts, jackets and accessories and will fit into the modern bedroom and the entrance hall.






I do not know who designed this clothes rack or this assemblage artwork. All elements are perfectly organized so that different platforms, thicknesses, organic and industrial materials are displayed. All this provides an elegant composition that will be beautiful in the ultra minimalist home.

 If you know who has made it, please write us!







Asplund Tati


Tatis open wardrobe is made of an elegant slim metal frame with a base in white marble or black granite. 

The shape of the clothes rack consists of a shelf for shoe, rounded sides and a square hanger. The details are elegantly composed and give a nice look that can fit into larger rooms where the term comes true.




Simone Simonelli


This design is from a series called Maisonnette, designed for small homes. All designers have a dual function; A small table can be turned on the head and used as a tray, a wagon is also a side table and the highest piece is a bookshelf and wardrobe in one.



© Nendo



This clothes rack from Japan's most prominent designer Nendo is made of thin black lines and was featured at Saatchi Gallery and Phillips de Pury. One can almost imagine the simple line drawing that preceded this design.

The thin lines form a beautiful frame to hang selected pieces of clothing, such as designer dresses, jackets or suits.




Malling Living


Two squares create the frame of this stylish clothes rack, which comes in powder coated steel.

This tight composition gives the clothes rack strength. The design gives space to put shoes in the lower frame.

Clothes Rack from Malling Living is elegant and can be used in the entrance or the bedroom.




© Nendo


Here comes another clothes rail from the hyperactive designer Nendo, who has created a series of designs called Splinter, with many of the same wood components. One of the designs in the Splinter series is this clothes rack that gives the feeling that it is splitting on one side.

The clothes rack is elegantly built up of a circle, a triangle and a square, giving it a physical and at the same time elegant expression.


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