How to declutter your wardrobe

You know it for sure. You have a flooded wardrobe, and it is challenging for you to get an overview. There are some signs, which can indicate that it is time to clean up in your wardrobe:
It is full of clothes that you no longer wear.
You are not able to find what you are looking for.
It is so full that the clothes are getting wrinkled.
Does any of the things above sound familiar? Then it might be a good time to tidy up your wardrobe.
We have tried and tested all the tips and tricks below. They all passed the test - so come along, if you once and for all would like to organize your wardrobe.

"Our mission is to help people become organized."
- Jonas, founder of

Tip number 1 - The key questions

Start by asking yourself the following questions about your clothes:
⦁ Do I love it?
⦁ Do I use it?
⦁ Does it fit my style?
⦁ Is it scratchy or itchy?
⦁ Do they pinch (shoes) when I wear them?
⦁ Is it discoloured, worn out, or does it have holes?
⦁ Has it become too small or large?
Question number two is significant. Often people have way too many clothes - and it is clothes that they do not use. If you have thought to yourself "I am going to love this super pretty pink sweater next year" during the past five years, and it still hasn't happened, well then it is probably not going to happen. Keep in mind that you have limited space in your closet, and therefore you should not waste it with clothes that you do not love.

Tip number 2 Donate your clothes to others.

It makes it much easier to deal with cleaning up in your wardrobe if you focus on your ability to donate your old clothes to others. That is a way of giving and helping people, who do not have the same resources while tidying up your closet. It's a pure win-win. There are many methods for donating clothes, whether in the local thrift store, at the recycling site, or by using the donation container next to your local supermarket.

Tip number 3 - A fixed donation basket

You can make your life easier by including a donation basket in your closet. It can be a plastic container, bag or basket, where you little by little can place clothes that you don't use. That way, you can tidy up on an ongoing basis - and the process of waving goodbye to your clothes will be extended to a more extended time.

Tip number 4 - Weekly clean

Plan one weekly day to tidy up in your wardrobe. It may seem like a lot, men when you do it once a week, it is possible to spend only 5 minutes. You could have weekly chores such as:
⦁ Discard clothes to be sold or donated.
⦁ Put the clean clothes in its place.
⦁ You may consider to prepare the coming weeks clothes, to be able to find it quickly.

Tip number 5 Evaluate your wardrobe.

Here are four easy tips you can follow.
Start with cleaning. You MUST remove ALL content first, and then you wash, dry and vacuum your closet or wardrobe.
Make a quick overview of what is to be sold or donated.
Now it is time to put all your clothes back on the clothing rack while keeping in mind how you should organize it according to type, colour and season.
All dirty clothes or clothes with holes should be sorted out and handed over to a dry cleaner or a tailor. If the clothes are very worn out, you may consider saying the final goodbye to it.
We recommend that you make an annual all-over decluttering and cleaning - as well as a fixed weekly cleaning.

Tip number 6 - Take advantage of the space

Maximize your storage space in your wardrobe.
If you only have a simple clothing rack or a closet today, you can maximize the space by adding shelves, hooks or clothes hanger bars. If you have a free-standing clothing rack, you may consider buying a shelf either for the top or the bottom of the rack - that way you will take more significant advantage of the space, without your wardrobe taking up more space in your home. If you have a closet, you may also consider adding hooks on the inside of the closet door to make the best possible use of the space.

Tip number 7 - Take the fight up against your inner hoarder

This may be possible the hardest thing to do when it comes to maintaining an organized wardrobe. Do you have an inner hoarder, meaning you have a difficult time letting go of clothes - even if you never use it?
Ask yourself if you are holding on to the clothes due to one of the following reasons:
⦁ It has an emotional value for you.
⦁ You have paid a lot for the item.
⦁ You will use it one day... but are you completely sure that day will come?

They are all understandable reasons to keep a piece of clothing, but often your wardrobe space is probably limited. If an item has a very sentimental value for you, such as a wedding dress, you could consider whether you can store it elsewhere. When it comes to number 2 and 3, we recommend using the following rule. Are you going to use the item within the next year? If not, then consider whether or not it is time to sell or donate. Yes, it may be challenging, but you will be happy with the decision in the long run. Keep in mind that the clothes will end up with someone who will appreciate it and make use of it.

Do you have the courage to start decluttering your wardrobe?

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