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Who invented the clothes hanger?

June 25, 2017

Who invented the clothes hanger?


The history of the hanger

The original wire hanger was invented by pure necessity. In 1903, Albert J. Parkhouse working at the Timberlake Wire and Novelty Company, based in Jackson, Mississippi, United States of America, came to work and found himself unable to hang his coat yet again because all wooden beams were in use. To rectify the ongoing problem, he bent a piece of wire into two ovals with the ends twisted together to form a hook. Voilà! The first wire hanger was born.


Parkhose's original design largely unchanged, had some modifications, namely:

Schulyer C. Hewitt made a version of the hanger that had pieces of cardboard attached to the upper and lower parts to prevent wrinkles. A few years later, Elmer D. Rogers added a tube on the lower bar. The latter design is still used today.


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