The ultimate guide to clothes racks

There should be no doubt that we are crazy about clothes racks, not only in regards to selling and building them - we also love talking about clothes racks. For this reason, we would like to share a part of that vast knowledge that we have gradually built up in this space.

Why not share what you are good at?

That is why we have chosen to compose the ultimate guide to clothes racks 2020!

In our eyes a clothes rack is not just a clothes rack - it is a piece of furniture you will hopefully own for many years to come. Every day we, unfortunately, hear from customers who invested in cheap clothes racks that simply could not stand the heat - we would like to spare you from that situation.


1.What is your need?

The first step in acquiring the clothes rack of your dreams, is to cover your needs.

What is your need, after all?

At Ziito, we have an enormous selection of clothes racks and wardrobe solutions. We always encourage our customers to look at their actual needs for storage before moving on to guidance. One can have a wide range of demand for storage, down do the simplest solution, with a short pipe mounted on the wall - to the most prominent shelving unit solution, with both clothes rails and shelves.

If you have relatively small storage needs, we would often recommend that you consider a wall-mounted or free-standing clothes rack for your wardrobe. The clothes racks exist with width all the way down to 50cm, meaning that it is possible to install a closet in even the smaller rooms. From this point, the rack can always be extended with more clothes rails or perhaps even a shelf on top.

When you choose a small wall-mounted clothes rack, you avoid a solution that takes up floor space. It also makes vacuuming an easy process when there are not too many obstacles on the floor. The wall-mounted stand, which also can be installed in the ceiling - adds a relatively cool effect to the room.

The alternative solution in the small wardrobe would be a free-standing clothes rack. Unlike the wall-mounted, this solution provides you with more flexibility, since the clothes rack can be moved around the room. For that reason, it can be used as a clothes rack for the wardrobe and a clothes rack in the entrance the following day if you have invited people over for dinner. The free-standing clothes rack exists in countless varieties, with everything from the very simple solution - all the way up to a clothes rack with a combo of to the stand with combined clothes rails and shelf space.

We always recommend choosing a clothes rack with the possibility of continuously upgrades added to it. Your needs change over time, but that does not mean that you should change your wardrobe instalment every time. When you have a clothes rack with water pipers, you can always add on top of it - maybe you want to make it higher, add several levels, or perhaps you might end up needing a shelf on the top or bottom.

If you have a greater need for storage, you should consider the following as well:

  • How much space would you like to give to your wardrobe or walk-in
  • Would a standard solution work, or do you need a custom-designed wardrobe?
  • Which needs to you have when it comes to clothes rails and shelf space?
  • Should the wardrobe be flexible with free-standing racks or should it be installed on the wall?

To find the perfect solution for your big wardrobe project, you should carefully consider all the above points. The distribution of hanger and shelf space is significant since it defines your final setup.

Fortunately, we provide flexible wardrobe systems, allowing you always to add an extra shelf or hanger space later.

At Ziito, we sell wall-mounted clothes racks and shelves, and they are up to 3m wide with the standard model. As an example, you can look at our wall 2 and wall 3, which are good solutions for a more extensive wardrobe solution.

Alternatively, you can choose a perhaps more creative solution and design your own clothes rack. That may sound elaborate and expensive, but that is far from the truth!

Since we create all our clothes racks in our own workshop, it usually only costs about 10 % more to get a custom solution - the solution that is simply a GAME CHANGER :)

Only creativity and your space are the limits for your project - and believe me, we LOVE when our customers go full throttle and bring a creative solution. Over time, both desks, as well as hammocks, have been integrated into our custom-designed solutions.

If you are looking for a tailor-made wardrobe solution, you should take a look at this page.

Now you should have a good idea of your wardrobe needs and be ready to move on to the second point about taste.



Now that we have covered your needs for your upcoming wardrobe solution, it is time to go through the various rack solutions on the market.

To make it as easy as possible, we have chosen to split the market into three categories.
  • The cheap solution
  • The flexible solution where the focus is on value for money
  • The expensive designer solution

Ziito might be in the middle solution, but we still believe that (almost) all three categories can each be justified. Let's take a look at the cheap solution first.

We probably know all the clothes racks in this category. They often come from larger discount furniture stores or a good offer at the local supermarket. If you ask us, we believe it is almost an exaggeration to call these solutions clothes racks. Time and time again we experience that they only last a couple of weeks - if you are lucky, they last some months, before they collapse under the weight of, well... clothes. Often it is more like a stand rather than an actual clothes rack.

You can buy it if it is an emergency and absolutely need a clothes rack for a few days. (but you are also welcome to borrow one from us :)

The next category we find the flexible middle-class racks - and that is where Ziito is. We focus on value for money, sustainability and strong materials. We do not believe that you have to give a wide reach in your pocket to pay simply because our name is on the rack. On the other side, we promise to provide you with strong materials as well as a 10-year guarantee.

You read more here about why you should choose a clothes rack with water pipes.

Within this category, a few companies in Denmark offer almost identical products. Clothes racks designed with water pipes and the possibility of getting your own custom-designed solution.

There are almost infinite possibilities of design when creating the racks with water pipes. Therefore, the companies within this category, including ourselves, have the potential to create a wardrobe solution that matches exactly what you want.

The last category features expensive designer clothes racks. We must admit that we also believe that some of these clothes racks are very impressive! The design is beautiful, and they are often fully welded, so you don't need to assemble them yourself. However, the solution is not as flexible, and they unfortunately very expensive as well. But for the right house, it is definitely worth to consider.


3. Budget

There is no way to get around it; unfortunately, you rarely get good products for free. That is why it is time to look at your budget.

There should be a connection between need and budget to end up having a clothing rack you are pleased with, and that you can also afford.

We always advise people to start with thinking big and focusing on the wardrobe of their dreams. From there on; we can adapt the solution according to the budget. The main advantage with a clothes rack or closet designed with water pipes is that it can always be upgraded. If you have a small budget, you can start with the basic elements, and then later add shelves and expand the solution. That way, you can meet both budget and needs.

When setting a budget for the upcoming wardrobe, it is crucial to consider the project as a whole. There might be additional costs, that goes beyond clothes racks and shelving. Perhaps you need to paint the walls, redo the floor, or add some extra lighting?


4. Choice of supplier - values

Now it is time to choose the final supplier of your upcoming clothes rack. You have a handful of providers of clothes racks designed with water pipes in Denmark, and every single one of them have their own strengths. When choosing a supplier, you should focus on the following parameters:

- The price. For most people, the price is one of the most important factors when investing in a new wardrobe.

- Delivery time. It can vary from one day to several months, and it is vital to be mindful of when exactly your wardrobe can be delivered.

- Quality and guarantee. We recommend making sure of two things. That the water pipes are made of 3/4 "steel, since the pipes of 1/2" often are too thin, meaning that they will drop over a period of time. It is also essential to have a guarantee. The guarantee covers your safety, and it also strongly indicates the supplier's own requirements for the product.

- The company. Does your supplier meet your values? Do they focus on sustainability, or do they support the socially vulnerable population? As a customer, your purchase helps determine and shape the future of a workplace!

5. Measurement

The fifth point is individual from project to project. At Ziito, you have the possibility of an add-on purchase of measurement for your upcoming project, from one of our collaborator carpenters. We act as an intermediary and provide you with contact with a professional familiar with working with wardrobe systems designed with water pipes.

Often, the customer can easily make the upcoming clothes rack or wardrobe measurements on their own. However, sometimes it can be necessary to get help from a professional. It all comes down to the size and complexity of the project.

6. Delivery and setup

The last point of the ultimate guide to clothes racks touches on delivery and setup. Again, you have different opportunities from company to company. However, you basically need to consider two factors with delivery and setup.

- Where should your product be delivered? At your home, in a parcel shop, or at a pick-up point at the company.

- Do you want to assembly the clothes rack yourself, or do you wish to pay an artisan to do it for you?

In most cases, you will easily be able to assembly your clothes rack with water pipes on your own. If it is a case with a more extensive shelving system, it may be advantageous to be two people working on the assembly together. The good thing with furniture in pipe design is the simplicity in setup and that it comes in solid materials - which are almost impossible to damage during the assembly.

Our advice is always the following - jump right into it, and if it goes south, then call and get some guidance. At the end of the day, there may be a need for help from a craftsman.

Have you been encouraged to design your own wardrobe by reading this guide? Then check out our large selection right here.

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