The ultimate guide to organising your closet (2018)

The ultimate guide to organising your closet (2018)

Do you find yourself decluttering and organizing your closet every season to keep your clothes, shoes and accessories neat?

The good news is, I have the answer to your recurring clutter nightmare.

Here are my favorite tips on the best ways to approach closet organizations.

Step one

Declutter and Maintain Your Chosen Wardrobe

We all have clothes. And we all have our absolutely favorite ones, amirite?

But what about all the others. Those that are wedged in the back of your shelves or always chilling at the very bottom of your clothes piles.

Be honest with yourself – you’re not going to wear them. So, let them go.

Take EVERYTHING out of your closet.

Pile 1.  Put all of your most loved and worn item.

Pile 2.  Discard those that you no longer like, wear or fit.

Pile 3. Put all the items you’re not sure about. Try those on and IF they fit WELL, make you FEEL GREAT,

and have a well MATCHING item from pile 1 or 3, then place them in pile 1. Otherwise toss it into

pile 2.

Then place pile 2 in a box to donate, sell or trade at a swap party.

Keep piles 1 and 3.




Step two


Simply clean your closet.

Remember to always start at the very top.

Dust and scrub all the compartments. And then vacuum and wipe the bottom or the floor of your closet.

Let it air out while you make your final decisions in the following steps.





Step Three

The Best Ways to Sort Your Clothes

5 ways to categorize your clothes

And now it’s time to decide how you want your clothes organized so the closet remains neat and the clothes are easily accessible.


By Type: Keep your tops on one shelves, trousers on the other and sweaters on the third.

By Occasion: Separate your work from your casual clothes. Similarly, you could separate your party clothes from your casual clothes.

By Frequency: Keep the clothes you wear most often in prime location – easily accessible.

By Season: You can separate clothes into winter and summer.

By Colour: I am a minimalist with focus on simple yet elegant and cosy design and calm colours. So my closet looks like a white-grey-black gradient with intermittent splashes of colour, mostly summer dresses.

You might wish to combine the above categories. I keep to the type and seasoncategories. It takes absolutely no time for me to pick the tops and bottoms for my everyday outfits.  

The ultimate hack for the teeniest tiniest closets
Store the out-of-season clothes separately.

On top of the closet
On the hard-to-reach shelves
On the backs of deep shelves
Under the bed

Defining and working your closet’s “prime real estate”

Get the most out of your space. Rule of thumb is to make the things you use most often most accessible while the things you rarely use should be kept out of the way. The prime real estate in your closet is the front facing shelves and drawers located between the height of your shoulders and your hips.  

Once you’ve identified the ultimate locations, get the items you wear the most and arrange them according to your chosen category.

My closet:
I mostly wear T’s, tops and bottoms.
They are sorted by type & season.
They are placed on shelves which are waste high.

Now go and give it a go.

Let me know if you have different suggestions in finding the ultimate places to put your everyday clothes.






Step four

Inventory & Compartmentalisation

Compartmentalization for dummies

Once you’ve decided what stays in your wardrobe, it’s time to see what type of clothes you have the most. This will help you decide on the right compartmentalisation. Here, think of the pieces that need to hang, pieces that need to be folded and placed on shelves and of those smaller and finicky items that will be best stored in drawers.

                                Hang                                                                           Fold                                                                      Store




Hacks for best storage solution

No Drawers – No Problem
Consider getting boxes that fit on the shelves. Use dividers if necessary to fit your underwear, bras, socks and other clothing bits that are hard to store neatly otherwise.

No Boxes – No Problem
Use cotton or canvas bags string or tote bags to store the small items.

Lots of Jewellery – No Problem
Invest your money or time (DIY) into making jewellery boxes with dividers. They will keep even the smallest items safely stored and accessible to you at all times. Jewellery boxes also work well for storing rolled up belts, sunglasses or even swimming goggles.


Lots of Bags – No Problem
Get hooks. Use any free wall, door or rail hang space to hang hooks that can take your bags.


Lots of Shoes – No Problem
Store the ones you wear daily in most visible and accessible location, while the rest can be moved to the back of the deep shelves or stored in either cloth bags or boxes at the bottom of your closet.


The ultimate zero waste hack to storing large winter items.
What? Parkas or winter comforters.
How? Fold and neatly roll it.
Wrap a hemp string around the shape of your nearly rolled bulky item.
Fit it into a cotton or canvas bag a few sizes too small for the item. 



Step Five

Filling up Your Closet

Hang that thang

What to hang:


Dress skirts


Dress pants & trouser – pants with a permanent press line




Never hang these items
As it can distort their shape
Heavy knitwear, including tops, sweaters and cardigans,
pants, skirts and dresses.
Embellished, long evening gowns | dresses.

How to master the quick hang:

Lea Hudson from Simple. Home. Blessings. has a fantastic resource on her youtube channel. There she goes over a very simple hack to hang dresses, tops and tanks. After all, it is someone with experience in retail that we should turn to for a quick and easy tips. Have a peak at her dresses, shirts, tops and tanks quick hang technique.


Fold that thang

What to fold:

Sweatshirts & hoodies

T-shirts & tops

Jeans & bottoms

Shorts and casual skirts

How to fold:

  1. The basic shirt folding technique. The way I and you probably already know how to fold. The way your find most tops folded in stores.

  2. The quickest. Life changing. 3 second folding technique for short sleeve tops.techniques for short sleeve tops. Check out the popsugar reporters learning this quick and painless trick

  3. KonMari. No folding list would be complete without the tidying guru  Marie Kondo’s folding techniques. She beautifully illustrates her techniques here for tops, hoodies and bottoms. She also recommends  folding your socks and underwear I personally do not have the patience and time to do it but give it a go and let me know if it works for you.

  4. Army roll  fantastic for short sleeve shirts, button downs and pants. It is ideal for long term and small space storage and a real lifesaver for travelling. The only downside is that it takes some time to roll!



Step Six

4 Secret Tips for the Forever Organized Closet

This step is for those with a compulsion to keep a beautiful and organized closet.

Once you have arranged all your clothes, you want to make sure it stays there, right? I will go over a few tricks here with keeping your closet looking neat.

1. Discard container A bag or a box that sits in your closet to make decluttering a part of your everyday. Whenever you’ll come across a top or jeans that just don’t really fit you, or don’t make you feel 100 percent, out of style, or you don’t fit it any longer  – put it straight into the bag. Do not wait till later! When the bag is full, donate or sell the clothes or trade them with a friend at a swap party.


If you try something on and hate it
You will most likely always hate it
So save yourself some time and let it go.


2. Backwards hangers This trick works very well with clothes you just stop wearing. Turn all of your hangers backwards. That way when you take something out to wear, reverse the hanger. Set a given period of 6 – 12 months. At the end of that period, you will easily notice which clothes you never wear because the hangers will still be faced backwards.

3. One-in-one-out If you buy an item of clothing you need to let go of something you already have. This habit helps curb impulsive purchases. It is also a great way to keep your closet under control.

4. Finger-width apart Ever wonder why sales assistants hurry to correct the hangers when you’re searching the racks? A space between hanging clothes helps you see all of the your stuff better. If you have the closet space for it, it’s an easy way to see what you have and get dressed quicker.

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