Here is our full range of clothes rails.

The Ziito was our first design, and still one of our most sold items. It provides practical storage for your wardrobe in a simple, stable and affordable way. The Ziito was followed by the Double and Dress clothes rail, two new solutions for storing more clothes in an easy way. We then designed: Wood low, top and double: clothes rails with wood shelves. These clothes rails are perfect for storing your complete wardrobe. Hang your clothes on the rails and put shoes and accessories on the shelves - an aesthetic way to make your wardrobe part of your interior. 





Our wood is carefully chosen to meet our standards in both sustainability and aesthetics. Our choice of wood is determined by the Scandinavian landscape which provides the finest pine wood. We use FSC certified wood, which is cut up and made into stable boards. The last step is the preparation done at our facilities. The wood is treated with natural linseed oil from our Danish supplier The same oil is mixed with colour pigments for the different shelves. Our supplier, Thor, share our passion for craftsmanship and make the colour mixtures from traditional recipes - all natural, for nature and for your clothes rail.



All our clothes rails are made from steel. The steel is either galvanised or black (lacquered). It is all about your choice of style for your modern interior. The treated steel ensure a long life for our clothes rails - no matter if you choose galvanised or black.



Our clothes rails made from steel pipes fit into every modern interior. The contrast between the steel and the treated wood ensures a look and durability which last for years. You can use the clothes rail for the wardrobe in your bedroom or for your coats in the entrance. Shelving systems, benches, shelves and hangers is also part of our collection - suitable for every room in your house. So, contact Ziito if you are looking for new furniture for your interior.


Store interior and fashion exhibitions

We have great experience in designing stores as well as building stands for fashion exhibitions. Contact us, if you need help for a future project, regardless the size, look and place. We have delivered everything from 10 to 1000 clothes rails to fashion exhibitions. Currently, we are the proud distributor of custom clothes rails for the biggest male fashion exhibition in England: Jacket Required. By doing jacket required for more than one year, we have gained experience and knowledge in logistics in big projects.