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ZIITO ST - Tall clothes rack with wooden top shelf


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ZIITO ST is a new version of our Swing rack, both practical and space-saving.

Space saving

With this edition we have put a shelf on the top of the clothes rack, which provides space for hats, shoes or boxes that usually rudder the floor or are thrown on top of the chairs. The space at the bottom of the clothes rack allows room for sneakers and boots.


ZIITO ST is made for long-lasting clothes, so this clothes rack has a long hanging length (170cm), which provides space for long dresses and coats. This allows room for different pieces of clothing without the need to compromise with neither design nor stability.

With this practical rack, all the space is used optimally both in height and width, so if you live in a smaller apartment this is the ideal solution.

The structure of the clothes rack

The clothes rack is built around Ziito's strong metal frames. There are two frames on this rack to give height to the height, which makes the rack stand firmly stable. 

The top of the shelf is fitted with two brackets, making it stable and easy to assemble.

Should you use more shelf space, check out ZIITO SD, which has shelves bottom and top.


Height: 177 cm
Depth: 48 cm
Diameter: 2.7 cm
Material: Steel



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