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ZIITO RD - Clothes rack on wheels with two wooden shelves


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ZIITO RD gives you plenty of storage space and allows you to easily move around with your open wardrobe.

IMPORTANT If you have many shoes, bags or accessories, use shelves and surfaces on all your furniture.

Space for storage

ZIITO RD comes with two shelves, which allow plenty of space to store both bags and shoes on the clothes rack.

The seat under the lower shelf allows room for shoes and a vacuum cleaner can come underneath.


The wheels on the rack make it lifted from the floor, making it easy to clean and move on.

We have used this clothes rack on several trade shows and it is also popular for stores due to its mobility and functionality.

The structure of the clothes rack

The stability of the clothes rack is created by the frame being a whole square, which is composed of Ziito's kee system, which means that the rack will stand unrestrained on the floor.

The two shelves are each fitted with two brackets that give them an unshakable strength and make them easy to mount.

All Ziitos shelves are hand-treated with warm and linseed pigment, giving them their Ziito karisma.

If you need this rack but without wheels, ZIITO WD is what you are looking for.


Height: 167 cm
Depth: 56 cm
Diameter: 2.7 cm
Depth of shelf: 35 cm
Materials: Steel and Nordic pine
Wheels: Rubber, diameter 7.5cm, two with brake.


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