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Swing is the MOST ROBUST clothes rack you can find and so it's high enough to hang your dresses and long coats.


Info about the stand

We have designed four-legged Swing, which means that its height does not make the clothes rack unstable.

The transverse rod at the base also helps to give the clothes rack its strength.

So even though the clothes rack uses the height of the room, it is still stable on the floor.



Swing is a practical and space-saving clothes rack, as it provides a lot of hanging space and at the same time only takes up a little floor space.

You can both hang sweaters, jackets and coats on the clothes rack and the space between the rods on the floor gives room for shoes, sneakers and boots.

Swing is therefore perfect if you live in a small apartment or need extra space outside your closet.


 Choose from three sizes and colours and find the clothes rack that fits your interior.

If you need space for shoes and crates, then this clothes rack is also available with shelves.


A shelf at the top - Swing Low
A shelf at the bottom - Swing Top
Shelves at the top and bottom - Swing Double


Height: 170 cm
Depth: 48 cm
Diameter: 2.7 cm
Material: Steel 

Delivered partially assembled.



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