Clothes Rails Floor

Wardrobe Clothes Rail



Wardrobe is an open wardrobe that is both mobile and practical.


Wardrobe can take care of your entire wardrobe, both shoes, clothes and bags. The four shelves allow you to store many sneakers and boots or bags so they do not lie and flow in the hallway. At the same time, the hanger provides space for storing jackets, pants and jerseys


The wheels on the rack make it easy to rearrange your room or shop. It is smart if vacuum cleaned. Or, if you move home often because of the urban pressures of the cities.

The structure of the clothes rack

The clothes rack is sturdyly built with a central vertical stiffener on Ziito's rugged square frame. The shelves are fitted with two brackets, which make them flexible and stable.

Two of the wheels come with a brake that can easily be loosened and attached when the clothes rack is to move or stand.

All shelves have been treated by hand if they are heat-treated or have linseed oil - which gives Ziito's clothes racks their karisma.

Height: 150 cm
Shelf depth: 35 cm
Total depth: 45 cm
Tubing diameter: 2.7 cm
Materials: Steel and Nordic pine
Wheels: Rubber, diameter 7.5cm, two with brake.