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ZIITO R - Clothes rack on wheels


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ZIITO R is a mobile version of our classic clothing rack Ziito. Clothes racks are both mobile, stable and functional. 


The clothes rack is used to run with collections either at home or at fairs.

Easy to move around if you want to go from a to b or just have a vacuum.


The rods give room for both clothes, pants and bags. There is room for sneakers and boots under the transverse rod at the bottom.

The structure of the clothes rack

The clothes rack is built around Ziito's robust frame, where all the tubes give each other strength.

Two of the wheels have brakes that can be attached and cut off when you have to drive the rack or stand it

ZIITO R's minimalist design fits into most homes either as a wardrobe for the minimal fashionista or as a rack for owners of large closets.


Width: 50 cm - 100 cm or 150 cm
Height: 160 cm
Depth: 56 cm
Diameter: 2.7 cm
Material: Steel


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