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Small but Perfect Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bars are ideal for every day as well as traveling. They are long lasting, a single bar has between 80-100 washes in it depending on the frequency of use, hair type, and length.  It is a mighty handful of highly-concentrated shampoo, filled with natural oils and locally sourced ingredients.

Bar vs Bottle

Did we forget to mention that it is a shampoo bar?

These shampoo bars are lovingly handmade and hand cut. One bar should do the job of several 250 ml bottles of liquid shampoo, depending on the frequency of use, hair length, and type. It is much lighter than a bottle of liquid shampoo and it won’t surprise you with sudden spills or leaks.

Added bonus you won’t have to bid farewell to your favorite shampoo while traveling because it fits into virtually any carry on without the scourging searches of airport security.

How to use solid shampoo

Simply rub the bar between wet hands or straight onto wet hair to create lots of lather.

Then gently massage this foam into the hair and scalp as you normally would with liquid soap.

Rinse out.

Condition the hair if you need an extra moisture boost for your hair. We even have some heavenly solid conditioners for that extra shine.

After use, remember to leave the shampoo bar out to dry.

How to use solid conditioner

Wet the conditioner bar and work is well between your hands before applying it into wet hair. With long or thick hair we feel that it works best to apply the wet bar directly onto the lower edges of the hair and massaging the bar until you get a rich lather on your hair. Then set the bar aside and wash the hair as you normally would with a liquid conditioner.

At Ziito, we tested these solid conditioners on Nordic beards and found that they gently nourish the weather-beaten facial skin and hair. Additionally, the tester and the people around him loved the intoxicating fragrance of chocolate and orange that the Sea buckthorn & Mandarin conditioner bar leaves behind.