Shelving systems


We hereby present you our industrial shelving systems. The frames for our shelves is made from steel pipes. The steel frame makes the shelves stable and creates a raw industrial design. We provide two different versions of the shelving system: a mobile one(on wheels) and a wall-mounted one. Both versions are made from Nordic pine wood which is available in different colors and widths. The shelving systems are ideal for storing and organizing garments in the bedroom, herbs, and plants in the kitchen or decorative elements and books in the living space. The shelving system provides the industrial and raw base for you to store your belongings in a modern way. The functionality of our furniture makes it a good match for clothing and lifestyle stores as well. The shelving system on wheels is perfect for events and exhibitions, easily moved from room to room. The wood for our shelves is treated with local linseed oil (produced 60km from our main stock). This is a sustainable solution for the wood. The linseed oil involves no chemistry but has the same quality as usual wood treatment, of making the wood last longer and look better.


The shelving systems are available in four different collections: ‘Eldr’, burned wood and galvanized steel, ‘Aska, dark wood and black steel, ‘Bál’, dark wood and golden steel and ‘Tré’, light wood and black steel. Click on the products to see different colors and sizes.