Ziito wall shelving unit

Strong, flexible and minimal. Three words that describe wall shelves from Ziito. We’ve created our shelving units using Ziitos known combination of iron pipes and pinewood. The design is industrial and minimal – just as we like it. From three basic components we’ve created a large selection of a variety of shelving units.

Shelves with lots of options

As a standard, you can choose between 1, 2 or 3 span shelving, which can be combined in numerous ways. We know that every home and person have different requirements and that is why it’s possible to select over 100 different combinations of shelving units from Ziito.

Whether you need a small unit for your entrance or the largest model for your dream walk-in closet, we’ve got the right solution for you. The 1-span model Wall with two shelves is ideal as a hallway unit, where you want to utilise the space with room for both jackets and shoes. If you need a bit more space, for instance for your wardrobe or as a unit in the lounge, you’ll find the 2-span model is a great option. You can choose between 39 different variations, which mixes clothes bars and wooden shelves. If you’re taking on the big walk-in closet dream project, then the 3-span shelves are the right choice. The 3-way unit made from waterpipes can be combined in over 80 different ways and can be adjusted to your exact needs. You have the option to add shoe storage, wardrobe and various accessories to it.

If you’re faced with a DIY project, then we’ll be happy to help with both the design and production of your dream shelving unit. We make everything from small wall-mounted shelving systems to the total interior design of clothing stores.

A flexible shelving solution

One of the greatest benefits from using a shelving solution from Ziito is the flexibility. You can continuously add on to our systems. If for instance, you’ve bought a 1-span shelving unit with two shelves, then you can always add on more shelves or even an extra span. Clever right? We also experience that a lot of our customers want customized solutions. For these we can add in space for an office desk or even a hammock. We also have the option to install more shelves on top of the rail or even a mirror on the side. It’s almost only your (and our) imagination that sets the limits. All we need is a simple drawing with measurements – then we can get going with building your dream unit.

When you shop with Ziito, then our aim is to always provide the highest standard of service. When you place your order, it will usually not take more than 1-2 days before it’s been despatched.

Unlike other suppliers of wardrobe solutions made from iron pipes, we deliver ours partly assembled – to make it easy for you to install. Even the big systems can be assembled and installed in less than an hour.

We ship all our orders with GLS, which gives you an option to have it all delivered to your home or to one of their many pickup points. 

By the way, have you seen that we offer a price guarantee? We are offering that, because we want to be the best and the cheapest. You can always match your price with Ziito, if another supplier has given you a quote. And of course, we’ll add free delivery to that too.

When we build our shelving units, then they are built to last. Not just for a year or two but for many years to come. We often say that at Ziito you’ll buy the last shelving system of your life. This is why we also offer a 10-year warranty on all products in our online shop – because we can vouch for the quality.

Are you ready to buy your new shelving system?