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Bar Vs Bottle

Soap has a huge history with mentions as far back as three thousand years. The earliest soaps were made by combining fats, namely animal fats, oils with fire ash, clay or sand. It wasn’t until the 1980s that liquid soap became mass-produced for domestic use and have since gained popularity.

Today, you can find soap in virtually any size, shape or form.

Call us traditionalists if you will, but we believe that holding and sniffing a plastic bottle does not feel very indulgent. By contrast, it is quite romantic to use something that has been around for thousands of years, made and used by the people in ancient Egypt and the great Roman Empire. It is also quite luxurious to hold a bar of marbled soap, decorated with dried lavender flower buds and infused with a sweet aroma of a mandarin peel, don’t you agree?

And not to mention all that plastic packaging has to come from somewhere (fossil fuels) and go somewhere (landfill). Have you heard that recycling of plastics is in fact downcycling. So, recycling of plastic will not prevent the continual flow of new virgin-material plastic disposable goods every day that enter our environment. We believe that we don’t need single-use plastic packaging to maintain our basic everyday hygiene.

The bar of soap is much lighter than a bottle of liquid soap and it won’t surprise you with sudden spills and leaks. Added bonus is that you won’t have to bid farewell to your favorite soap while traveling because it magically fits into virtually any carry on without the scourging searches of airport security.

We like to simplify our everyday without compromising on quality. So instead of liquid soaps, shower gels, and facial cleansers, we use bars of soap.

At Ziito we will only provide you with soap that is free from animal fat, palm oil and made without petrochemicals. Our bars might appear small but they are mighty handfuls of highly-concentrated soap, made of natural oils and locally sourced ingredients.

Sustainable packaging

At Ziito, we believe that our packaging must reflect our commitment to simple and sustainable lifestyle. We do not wish to see our packaging end up in a landfill, on the bottom of the ocean or endlessly carried by winds around our parks and cities. We pack our products in natural and biodegradable materials that are easy to recycle, namely, we use hay, paper, and cardboard.