About Us

Ziito began in 2014 in Denmark. This happened when Simon, the youngest brother, made a clothes rack for his personal clothing in Copenhagen. Shortly after his friends and their friends began asking if he could provide them with this clothes rail. Slowly the interest grew and now we are three brothers running the company and developing new designs and solutions for shop interiors and home decors.

We have been working with fittings and different metals for several years, which means that we have a very broad knowledge in this field. When we design we always start looking into new groups of fittings and let the materials inspire us. We select the strongest materials, because it is important for us that our products have long lives. This is the reason that all our clothing rails are made in galvanised steel, which is a very strong material that can withstand a lot of weight. Another important aspect of the material is that galvanised steel does not rust like many other metals do. Galvanized steel pipes are usually used for water piping, because of their resistance to damp environments.

After half a year Jonas, the middle brother, entered Ziito and started to organise the economic and the business aspect of the company. Jonas is currently finishing his Master in Business and Management at Syddansk University. He has many years of experience in selling fittings. He is living in Fredericia where he is running our headquarters. So when you receive a clothes rail from us it is most likely either made by Jonas, or one of our helpers at our headquarters.

Simon has been living in Copenhagen for three years now and has recently finished a one-year long music school and is now playing concerts around Copenhagen. Simon has many years of experience in selling fittings. When Jonas entered the company, Simon put his focus on the customer related and social media part of Ziito. This means that if you like any of our postings, media ideas or offers it is most likely Simon, who posted it.

Daniel, the eldest brother, was the last one to enter Ziito. Daniel lives in London. He has recently finished a Master in Fine Arts at Goldsmith University. Daniel focuses on the development of the brand. He has a background in both design and art and will introduce new materials to Ziito. If you enjoy one of our layouts, it is most likely done by Daniel.

Together, we develop new designs for retail stores and private houses. We have new designs every week, which means that our website is in a constant change and that we always have new designs to offer you.

Looking forward to supporting you in the future.

Daniel, Jonas and Simon






Navervej 8

7000 Fredericia


Phone: +45 4249 4749

VAT: DK 36544066