Are you a blogger or would you like to write about

Then we may be looking for you for future collaboration.


We at Ziito love to read blogs aabout everything between heaven and earth. We love honest blogs, which have been written with the heart, and that contribute with new opinions and views on different topics.


Do you have a blog, website, Facebook page, YouTube channel or an Instagram account? Then we may be looking for a person just like you. We love it when you find us so interesting that you would like to write blogs about us and our products. We are always open to starting new collaborations.

You can find a list below with suggestions on how we may help you grow your blog. Please contact us if you have any questions.



Tell others about us.

If you would like to tell others about Ziito, you are more than welcome to use our content with videos and photos. You only have to remember to link to us. Let us know when you write about us - then we may give a link as returning the favour.


Testing Ziito products

Would you like to test or review something that you have seen on We would gladly send some products, and we will, of course not interfere in your opinion or what you choose to write on your blog. We prefer honest bloggers, whose opinion comes from the heart! Since it does cost us money to produce and send products, we are unfortunately unable to collaborate with all bloggers. We do have to make certain demands according to the target group, the blog popularity and quality. If you are interested in starting a collaboration with us, please write to



Many bloggers create competitions - honestly who do not like to win something once in a while? Therefore we would really like to take part in your competition - so please feel free to contact us if you have plans to organize a contest on your blog. Or if you have another excellent idea that you would like to share with us.


Criteria for cooperation

Initially, we collaborate with all kinds of web blogs, YB, IG and FB-blogs. Meaning whether your focus is on fashion, beauty, food or something completely different, there is a good chance, that we would like to collaborate with you. Naturally, you must have more readers than your own sweet mom (believe me, we have all been there - and we do have great empathy for having to start somewhere :). Your blog also has to have some connection with our products.

We go through every inquiry and decide whether it is a good match. Both in terms of what you can offer and what we can offer you.

In any case, you are ALWAYS welcome to contact us at You are very welcome to write about the following:

What is the name of your blog, and where can we find it?

How many visitors do you have? and please share some data on age, gender and city, if possibly

What is the theme of your blog?

How would you like to collaborate with Ziito?


We try to answer all messages, but we hope you understand that it may not always be possible.


Best regards

Team Ziito