Trees planted so far: 1500 trees

Simon was the first to propose planting trees, and he is the youngest brother in our company. The idea came alongside the idea of making recycled wood part of our production while also planting trees. That way, we would be able to go from consuming wood to, first of all, have a neutral consumption - and in the end, contributing to more forest growth. 

It did not take many seconds before the other two brothers jumped on board with the idea since we believed it was an excellent idea. That being the idea of a business owner taking responsibility and showing leadership. 

There are, of course, economic costs related to planting trees. Meaning we would be able to save a lot of money by disregarding the idea and focusing solely on making a profit. But fortunately, we three brothers agree that we do not wish to be that kind of company. We want to contribute by making a difference, both with our planting of trees and our daily work with sustainability. We believe that as a business owner, we have a responsibility that we are willing to live up to.

Ziito planter et træ for hver ordre vi modtager


That is why we have planted a tree for every order we have received during the past year. That has resulted in quite a few with time, and we expect to be able to plant MANY more trees in the future.


We plant the trees through the organisation, which is responsible for planting trees in the Danish forests. All the forests are public areas, meaning that you and I equally can benefit from the newly planted forests. 

By planting more trees and creating more forest, we ensure clean soil, water and more extraordinary biodiversity, which are both essential elements nowadays, but most certainly also for the future. We see it as a gift that we pass on to our children. 

When you buy a product from , you contribute to supporting the Danish forests. We, as well as the nature, are eternally grateful that you decide to do that!

If you would like to donate money to, then you have the possibility right here.

We are, of course, also happy to provide manual labour to help with planting trees. You can see our founder Jonas and his two boys below helping with planting a new forest.