Mirror H:77 W:62


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Ziito mirrors are hand-built in recycled materials. With great love and enthusiasm, we select materials that would otherwise be discarded. At our workshop in Fredericia, we process the materials to give them new life.

Note: Since all of our mirrors are handmade, they will all be unique - so you will never find two that are completely the same.

The color of the wood is a story in itself. Our house designer (inventor/chemist) one day encountered a new way of coloring wood. Ebonising was the name. The idea was to mix apple cider vinegar and metal shavings from our workshop. Mixing should stand for 3-4 weeks and can then be applied to the wood. The result is a sustainable dyeing of the recycled tree. We think its a pretty smart idea. In the fall, we will bring the whole team Ziito to collect wild apples so that we can produce apple cider vinegar ourselves.